Love this place, recovery benefits of cryotherapy are amazing; Grandview location includes Elite Crossfitters on staff who understand the importance of recovery for athletic performance across all sports.
-Sean M

Staff are highly knowledgeable, service is top notch and the facility is very clean. I love that they have a walk-in chamber where you can move around in, while other places you are secured in a capsule. Memberships are well worth it, especially since you can come every day if you want to and take advantage of other services like the normatec compression boots, localized cryo, and hydro massage bed.

-Amie C

Amazing place – great therapies! I’m a three time Olympian and I do wish they had this place when I competed. The more you do it the more beneficial! Try the 10 pack and do the inferred and massage table as well! 👏

-Mika’ll S



Sun: 11AM – 3PM

M, Tu, Th, Fri: 11AM – 7PM

Sat: 11AM – 3PM